Create a Full-Fledged Serverless API Backend, Complete with a Database & CI/CD Pipeline, in Just a Few Clicks!

In this article, you’ll see how easy it is to create a serverless API backend using AWS Lambda functions & Amazon API Gateway, backed by the NoSQL DynamoDB database, by deploying a sample Lambda application. This sample also comes with a CodeBuild project & a CodePipeline to fully automate deployments. It’ll even create a Git repository for you in CodeCommit so you can simply clone the repo & start building on top of the sample.

Start by opening & click Create Application:

That’s it! Give it a few minutes to create all the resources & your shiny new app is ready to roll! Take a look at what all was created:

Now head on over to CodeCommit, clone the repo & start building! Every time you push code, it’ll be auto-deployed to the Lambdas in a matter of minutes!