Massively Improve WordPress Performance & Security by Turning it into a Static Site on Amazon S3

WordPress is awesome! It powers 37% of the internet & is the most beloved CMS out there. But like everything else, it can always be improved. If you’re using WordPress to serve up a simple website with occasionally changing content, then you can benefit a lot by turning it into a static site. You don’t have to get rid of WordPress though. Keep using it for the ease of content generation, but convert everything into plain-old HTML & CSS before serving it to the world. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1 — Install WP2Static

Install & activate the WP2Static plugin.

Step 2 — Configure S3

Create an S3 bucket to host your static site & enable static website hosting on it:

Step 3 — Configure WP2Static

Configure WP2Static as shown below:

Test S3 settings & start export. When complete, you’ll see this:

Click “Go to my deployed site” to view the site in S3!