This is a compilation of quotes & insights by Sadhguru from several talks, sathsangs and discourses over many occasions and years.

We have the technology, resources and capability right now to address every issue on the planet. The only thing missing is inclusive consciousness.

Man is ill only because he does not know how to be still.

Do not wait for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle is life itself.

There is so much of life which can never be explained — it can only be experienced.

Meditation means ultimate freedom within you.

Truth is not hidden — you are hiding from it.

As there is a technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology to create inner wellbeing.

Health is a side effect of spirituality. If you are complete within yourself, being healthy is natural.

Spirituality means to crank up your life to the highest pitch of intensity.

In any sphere of life, if you do not know involvement and intensity, you will not get anywhere.

Every society needs individuals who will go on planting mango trees without thinking whether they will get to eat the fruit or not.

There is only one business in the world, and that is of human wellbeing.

A spiritual person and a materialistic person are both seeking the same infinite. One is seeking it consciously, the other one unconsciously.

Everything that occurs in your life can enrich you if only you handle it with a sense of awareness.

Yoga is a scientific tool which helps you to experience the true quality of who you are.

Everything you wish to know in the existence can be known in a single moment if you are in touch with your inner nature.

If we want to create a beautiful world, people in positions of responsibility and power should know a certain sense of joyfulness and peacefulness.

The essence of the life process is involvement; only in involvement will you know the taste of life.

The best results in any work situation come when people can give each other a sense of dignity.

Life is at ease. Only the mind can be at some tension.

In tension, you cannot perceive; in laxity, you cannot perceive. Only if you are intense and relaxed, you perceive everything just the way it is.

The mind is an accumulation of the past. Once you transcend the mind, the past has no more power over you.

Fear essentially comes from a lack of clarity. Wherever there is clarity, there is no fear.

Work is an expression of who you are, so who you are needs to be worked at.

Unless there is involvement in what you do, and it means a lot to you, your work is just a waste of time and life — for yourself and everybody else.

Propelled by rage, we substitute one injustice for another. Propelled by compassion, we do what is needed.

Compassion means all-encompassing passion, that whatever you are in touch with right now, you are at it with total passion.

If tears of love, joy and ecstasy have not washed your cheeks, you are yet to taste life.

Money is only a means, not the goal.

Using people and loving things. This is a complete misunderstanding of life. Things are for use. People are for love.

Commerce should serve, not lead humanity.

Everybody takes from this planet to what extent he can manage. Nobody earns anything.

Businesses need to stop looking at the world as a market. Once you see that what you call markets are people, your approach is bound to be more inclusive and sustainable.

Inclusiveness is not just the fundamental nature of the spiritual process, but the very basis and goal of life itself.

In exclusion, you become trapped, separate. In inclusion, you become liberated.

Now, you believe you are a material person dabbling with spirituality. But essentially, you are a spiritual being dabbling with the material world.

The difference between a fool and an intelligent person is, the intelligent know how foolish they are — fools do not.

Good and bad are just creations of your mind; this has nothing to do with life as such.

Mental alertness is not awareness. Mental alertness only enhances your survival — it does not take your towards liberation.

No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that makes it stressful.

When your intelligence is entangled with social identifications, it is not in line with the life within you. That is the source of misery.

Life contains all of your ideas, but your ideas cannot contain life.

Suspicion is not intelligent. In fact, the lower the level of intelligence, the more suspicious people are.

Confidence without clarity is always a disaster.

How to increase clarity? Remove the fog of ideas, belief systems, and ethics, which are human creations.

When unpleasant things happen in our lives, we can become either wise or wounded — that is our choice.

Comfort will never come to one who does not touch the stillness within himself.

Meditation is not an act — it is a certain quality. If you cultivate your body, your mind, your emotions, and your energy to a certain level of maturity, meditation will happen.

Once you enjoy the inner pleasure of your being, external pleasure will seem rudimentary.

Destiny is the result of all your actions and the impressions that you have taken in.

How dedicated we are to the basic choices that we have made in our lives, is how our lives unfold.

Only those who work intensely will know the profoundness of restfulness.

When we say intelligence, we are not looking at just being smart. We are looking at allowing that dimension which makes life happen to be in full flow.

For effective functioning in the world, knowledge is not the main factor, but clarity of perception.

Success does not come to you because you want it. Success comes to you because you did the right things.

Life knows no failure. Failure exists only for those who are always comparing themselves with others.

If your idea of success is just about being ahead of somebody else, you will definitely not explore the full potential of who you are.

You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to think anything, you don’t have to feel anything to be complete. You are complete by yourself.

You do not have to depend on the compassion of others. The whole world can live under the umbrella of your compassion.

If you have been put through unpleasant situations in your life, an intelligent way to be is not to put anybody else in such situations.

If the atmosphere that we live in makes us, we cannot call ourselves managers. If we make the atmosphere that we live in, only then we can call ourselves managers.

Spirituality is a longing. Only when your longing is cranked up to peak intensity, knowing becomes a possibility.

Management is not about throwing your weight around — any fool can do that. It is about inspiring people to do their best.

If you have money in your pocket, it is great. Only if it enters your head, it becomes a perversion.

If just one percent of the population stands up in a committed way, at least the physical suffering in the world could be wiped out.

What you do is not the point. It is the level of involvement within you that transforms you.

If you learn to use this body as an instrument, it is the most fantastic and powerful instrument on the planet. Yoga is towards realizing this.

Only when you are in touch with the innermost core of who you are, you live a complete life.

If you use the power of your muscle or mind, your work has a certain lifespan. If you use the power of your innermost core, your work is eternal.

The intellect is useful for survival. But when you do not know where you should use it and where not, it separates you from the very life process.

Resentment, anger, hatred are poisons that you drink, and you expect somebody else to die. Life does not work like that.

The chances of your desire being fulfilled when you are joyful are so much better than when you are miserable.

Your personality is something that you created. Once you are aware of that, you could create it whichever way you want.

There is only one calamity: ignorance. And there is only one solution: enlightenment.

If you become so intensely curious that without knowing you cannot live, that is called seeking. Knowing will only be a question of time.

Optimists hallucinate; pessimists get depressed. Both will not get anywhere. You must be willing to see everything the way it is.

Fear and ignorance always come together. Knowing releases one from fear.

To live and operate in the world, you may have to identify with something. Play with your identifications — don’t let them rule you.

Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into whatever we do.

When there is no fear of entanglement, you can involve yourself with everything absolutely.

Your body and mind will work best and find fullest expression only when you are peaceful and joyful.

Life has no particular purpose. It is a purpose unto itself.

If we cannot keep our minds peaceful, how can the world be peaceful? The world outside is a reflection of the human mind.

Fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist.

If you become a source of joy by yourself, you will have wonderful relationships.

Spirituality means no more illusions — you see everything the way it is.

What is generally considered as failure deepens your experience of life far more than what you consider as success.

Our activity is a way to touch the lives of other human beings.

If with every single act that you do, you create what you care for, then whatever you get or do not get, your life is beautiful.

When you are no more in pursuit of happiness, you are joyful by your own nature. Then your action is as the world needs it, not the way you want it.

True leadership is not dominance but sacrifice.

Integrity, insight, and inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership.

Power by itself is not corruption. When human beings hankering for dominance get hold of power, then it becomes a source of corruption.

Harmony in the world will happen only when human beings are truly harmonious within themselves.

“I want to change you” — that is not a revolution. “I’m willing to change” — now this is a revolution.

Making predictions based on existing realities is a very wrong approach because it completely discounts the human potential to transform situations.

The mind is capable of taking you to the peaks of human possibility. But unfortunately, people are using it to create misery, jealousy, and anger.

Your thoughts and emotions are your creation. Your attachment and entanglement with them are also your creation.

Destiny is what you create for yourself. Fate is when you fail to create your own destiny.

For a committed person, there is no such thing as failure — just lessons to be learned on the way.

No human being has ever produced anything worthwhile in his life without being devoted to what he is doing.

You do not have to pursue something intensely; you as a being should become very intense.

What you do does not decide the quality of your life. It is how you do it that decides the quality of your life.

If you use life as a stepping stone for a higher possibility, you are in yoga. If you use life to entangle and torture yourself, that is karma.

Do not try to build your life on ethics, morality, or values. Bring clarity of perception into your life. Learn to see everything just the way it is.

Social, national, or global realities cannot be changed without working on human consciousness.

When you are committed, the whole world is behind you, supporting you in fulfilling your dream.

A human being is a cosmos by himself. If you know this one piece of life absolutely, you know everything you need to know about existence.