Introduction to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC / Demandware)

#1 Google Search Result for “SFCC

Using Amazon API Gateway to Route Requests to RESTful Microservices in Amazon ECS

Deploying RESTful Microservices as Docker Containers in ECS Fargate

Accessing Private VPC Resources via AWS API Gateway

Windows Remote Desktop Connection to Ubuntu GUI on AWS EC2

Deploying Docker Containers in Amazon ECS using Fargate

Spring Boot Microservices in AWS CodeStar

Push Realtime Streaming Data to Clients using Amazon API Gateway’s WebSocket API

Mocking REST API Responses in Amazon API Gateway

Securing REST APIs in Amazon API Gateway using Amazon Cognito User Pools and OAuth 2.0

Using Angular to Invoke APIs Hosted on Amazon API Gateway, Secured using Cognito User Pools

No More Lambda Warmups! Use Provisioned Concurrency Instead!

Lessons Learned: Running Java 8 Lambda Functions Inside a VPC

Handling Redirects in a DNS + CloudFront + Load Balancer + EC2 Stack

How to Send an SMS from AWS Lambda

A Simplistic Guide to Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Termination Policies

AWS CloudFormation CreationPolicy vs WaitCondition

AWS IAM Roles: Types & Use Cases

A Simple 3 Step Guide to Cross-Account Access in AWS

Understanding S3 Encryption Mechanisms

Sharing Secrets in Secrets Manager with Other AWS Accounts

How to Mark an Entire Gmail Inbox as Read

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